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msia_fanaticsm's Journal

Malaysia Fanaticsm
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Malaysian Fanaticsm: Being fanatical has never been more fanciable!

Fanaticism consists of redoubling your efforts when you have forgotten your aim.

Woah! It's the most "In" community of the Malaysian nation! This is your ultimate scoop for the most current and gripping news of Malaysia! <3

If YOU are a citizen/fan of Malaysia. If YOU are a person obsessively devoted to something. If YOU are excessively enthusiastic and believe in the power of FANATICSM. Then we want YOU to ba a part of this up-to-date and fabulous community where we dicuss about the ups and downs, high and lows of being a Malaysian! This community is dedicated to citizens and fans of Malaysia who would love to learn more or discuss more about our sporting events, scrumptious food, breath-taking beaches and almost anything and everything Malaysian!♥ It is a closed community because it was created mainly for a group of us to keep in touch after graduating from high school, but feel free to watch the community (we will try to leave as many entries open as possible) and leave comments!!

♥The proud updaters.

Our list of fanatical Malaysian panels.... CLICK TO VIEW.♥
Also an affiliate of: rphoenic_icons

♥If you have any problems with
anything in the community,...<3

contact one of the moderators, either rubus_phoenic or splited. We are always ready to lend a hand. HAHA.♥

♥House Rules<3

- No abuse of other members or you'll be banned.
- This is a general Malaysian culture community, so anything random/general as long as it portrays a Malaysian flavour, is allowed.
- Do NOT tYpE LiKe ThIs.
- When posting big images(banners, blends, wallpapers, etc...) or icons, post a maximum of three teasers and put the rest of the images under a LJ-cut.
- When posting entries, there MUST be a main title and a sub title. The main one refers to how the entry is connected to Malaysia and the sub title should be the main topic of your entry.
[exp: FOOD(main title):Durian!(sub title)]
Posts that go against any of the rules above will be deleted without warning.♥
- Posts that you feel that you do not want to share to the world wide web should be posted under Security:Friends during the time of posting.

♥HTML codes<3

Posting images/pictures
<*img src="URL"*>
-NOTE: Remove the asterisks for the code to work!

Posting a link
<*a href="URL">Link Name
-NOTE: Remove the asterisks for the code to work!

Posting an LJ-Cut
<*lj-cut text="your topic"*>
normal entry
<*/lj-cut text*>
-NOTE: Remove the asterisks for the code to work!

Referring to a LJ-user
<*lj user="lj username"*>
-NOTE: Remove the asterisks for the code to work!♥

Stylesheet by refuted

Banner by rubus_phoenic

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