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15 March 2009 @ 01:42 am
Title : Random
Category : Non badminton related
Author : Wenzy (Jia Wen)

Hey all,

Erm, just a random drop-by since u guys reminded me about this community in facebook.
The last visit of mine to this site is probably a number of years back.
By the way, i recently updated my blog.
Just one miserable post.
Have a look if u guys have time.

Take care everyone.
Love all of u.

Lotsa love,
Jia Wen

Ps: Hopefully my post would not get 'kick off' of blacklisted because of not obeying rules and regulations of the community :)
05 March 2009 @ 03:09 pm
Interesting results for AE09: Round 1

Bo ZHENG/Jin MA beat Chen XU/Yunlei ZHAO21-14 21-13
Flandy LIMPELE/Anastasia RUSSKIKH beat Zhongbo XIE/Yawen ZHANG16-21 21-18 21-17
Devin Lahardi FITRIAWAN/Lita NURLITA beat Kien Keat KOO/Hui Lin NG 16-21 21-14 21-11
Yong Dae LEE/Hyo Jung LEE beat Chieh Min FANG/Wen Hsing CHENG 21-12 15-21 21-18

Yanjiao JIANG beat Lin ZHU 21-17 21-11

Marc ZWIEBLER(wr 33) beat Boonsak PONSANA (wr 12)14-21 21-15 22-20
Sho SASAKI(wr 24) beat Przemyslaw WACHA(wr 9,seeded 8)21-15 22-20
Jan O JORGENSEN(wr 34) beat Choong Hann WONG(wr 14) 21-13 21-15
Weijie GONG(wr 63) beat Arvind BHAT(wr 27)21-19 22-20

Sang Hoon HAN/Ji Man HWANG had a walkover from Anthony CLARK/Nathan ROBERTSON
Kenichi HAYAKAWA/Kenta KAZUNO beat Gun Woo/Sung Hyun KO 21-18 21-17
Teik Chai GAN/Bin Shen TAN beat Joko RIYADI/Candra WIJAYA 20-22 21-19 23-21

Chiou Hwee HAW/Pek Siah LIM beat Jwala GUTTA/Shruti KURIAN21-9 19-21 21-18

Today is going to be pretty interesting:


Weijie GONG vs Jin CHEN
Chunlai BAO vs Dan LIN Any bets on who's going to take this one? xD

MD Tricky matches...
Teik Chai GAN/Bin Shen TAN vs Kien Keat KOO/Boon Heong TAN

Jung Eun HA/Min Jung KIM vs Chiou Hwee HAW/Pek Siah LIM
Pan PAN/Qing TIAN vs Eei Hui CHIN/Pei Tty WONG
Hopefully, at least one of them get through?
04 March 2009 @ 02:24 pm
Upset list for AE09: Qualifiers?

2)Hanbin HE/Junjie SUN beat Alvent Yulianto CHANDRA/Hendra Aprida GUNAWAN 21-19.21-19

2)Scott EVANS(wr55) beat Rajiv OUSEPH(wr 39)21-17 9-21 21-19
3)Wei Feng CHONG(wr 53)beat Tommy SUGIARTO(wr 42)21-19 18-21 21-19
5)Weijie GONG(wr 63) beat Petr KOUKAL(wr 36)13-21 21-17 23-21
13 January 2009 @ 09:15 pm
Since it's already uploaded on YouTube, might as well continue spamming it around. xD

Lee Yong Dae giving away his flowers to his fans after Malaysia Open 2009 [credits to valxuan]

Lee Yong Dae giving away his flowers to his fans after Malaysia Open 2009 (aftermath) [credits to rubus_phoenic]
02 December 2008 @ 10:13 pm
Working is terrible. xD Anyway, I'm in a good mood since I just finished downloading something! ^^
Anyway, since YouTube deleted the YSMM videos of Yong Dae, I decided to look elsewhere and where else but the Korean Cyworld! xD

Actually, I only managed to find parts which were not uploaded on YouTube. LOL.

Oh, and remember these photos? 1 2
You can watch a clip from the event here.

That's all.
29 November 2008 @ 12:30 am
Tae Yeon and Kang In actually had a radio interview with Yong Dae. ^^

This was posted on YouTube but I think it got deleted.

Random Anycall CF? I think it is fan made. :D

Deleted the last entry. xD

Anyway, I've COMPLETED TAGGING ALL ENTRIES! That is 151 entries altogether. *dies* However, there are several key tags missing (e.g: Markis Kido & Hendra Setiawan, Chan Chong Ming & Chew Choon Eng,Chin Eei Hui...) so I might do them later? I also just realised how many entries wenzy posted of Bao Chun Lai during 2006. LOL. They were a lot!! Way more than the recent influx on LYD entries.

Hong Kong Open SF matches
Starting at 1:00 PM
Boonsak Ponsana v Chen Jin
Zhu Lin v XXF
Thomas Laybourne/Kamilla Rytter Juhl v LYD/LHJ
KKK/TBH v Zakry/FT

1. I am loving the fact that our women doubles pair is doing so well~ I hope they will do their best today! ^^
2. Boonsak v Chen Jin! ~ I think this should be interesting.
3. YD and HJ had a tough fight today against He Han Bin and Yu Yang yesterday (ended 11-21 21-16 21-12) and I think it will be another tough match again for them today.
4. KKK/TBH are continuing their good run in HK Open~ Good for them. (Surprise, surprise! They defeated Kido and Setiawan, 21-11 21-17 to qualify for the semis!) May the better pair win today!

Starting at 6:30 PM
XZB/ZYW v Zheng Bo/Ma Jin
Wang Chen v Zhou Mi
Taufik v Lin Dan
Cheng Shu/Zhao Yun Lei v Ha Jung Eun/ Kim Min Jung
JJS/LYD v Anthony C./Nathan R.

1. Taufik v Lin Dan used to be exciting. xD
2. Women and Men Doubles should be tough, I think.
25 November 2008 @ 02:37 pm
Seems a little quiet in here nowadays after the Olympics? Well, since we are gearing up to MO'09! I can't believe it is going to be our third time going for MO! I feeeel oooollllddddddd~

Anyway, I'm sure some of you *cough*especiallyslurpyann*cough* wants to know what Hyun-Il had been up to. Well, apparently after his retirement, he got married! That's right. Hyun-Il has tied the knot!. xD I wish him all the best with his new life but I'm kinda sad to see him go~

Also, I found this article and since I have too much free time, I'll try to use the online translators and post the excerpts here, because you know how badly these automatic translations turn out. ^^


Q. What have you been up to after the Olympics?
A. Rested comfortably at home. Was also preparing for my marriage in November. Also started training for a nationwide physical education conference/sports event(??) (something about fruits and vegetables...ROFL. Translations *heads desk* ... ) I did not attend the association event as I did not feel like going since I did not get a medal.

Plans for retirement?Collapse )

Lee Hyo-Jung, also known as Yong Dae's mixed doubles partner. ROFL.

Q. What have you been up to after the Olympics?
A. Attending various events. It was very welcoming to get all sorts of encouragement from other women and also to see the faces of the students when I visited my alma mater. I was in Busan, Daejeon, Suwon,... for signing events. Thousands were at the signings which was held over a week.

Experience of being famous?Collapse )

Mr. Park Sung Hwan aka Mr.Can-Beat-Lin-Dan-Only-During-First-Rounds

Q. How have you been?
A. Rested and also treated my teeth and elbow problems.

Playing against Lin Dan...Collapse )

Lee Yong Dae @ Korean Badminton Magnae? ROFL.

Q. Having won the gold medal and being interviewed several times, which interview was the most memorable for you?
A. (I had) More than 20 interviews and broadcasting appearances with the various media, the most memorable being Infinity Challenge. I have been a fan of the show and it was very fun to be on it. *

*DIRECT TRANSLATION: Surprised saw the fatty person racket and all of a sudden was yellow, so was more fun.
Errrr, I don't get the sentence. You think he will call the MC fat? LOL.

YooNa from SNSD?Collapse )

VERDICT: Online translators work but they are SUPER CONFUSING!!!

I am going to be x102365464641 time more grateful to subbers. Then again, they know the language and I don't. Again, I did not go through the entire article (there are more Q&As with other players like LJJ and HJM) and I only typed out the parts which I could understand from the direct translations. I just paraphrased and corrected some of the glaring grammar mistakes so the translations might not be accurate at all. Hope you enjoyed it? xD Took me... 2 hours. =x Should I lock this post?! xD

Okay, I don't usually post but when I saw this pic...
I was like O.O! Don't ask me why but I just couldn't stop laughing when I saw this pic!
haha..whoever who likes him...enjoy!
For those who don't...just close your eyes and think about the yongdae you used to see on court :P

p/s: I feel so weird! He is like the "attention" now!
10 September 2008 @ 02:06 pm
Remember the "Watermelon vs shuttlecock" video? Well, this is another hilarious segment from the show.

Ahhh...at this rate, the community is turning into a LYD community instead. LOL. Want more? Click for the YSMM videos!Collapse )
09 September 2008 @ 12:13 pm

... LOL.
I have not watched the video since I'm still in university, but it should be interesting. xD